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28 Dec No need to apologize because of you ever doubted us
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My friend, you don’t need to apologize for ever wondering whether our service is reliable.Almost all my friends once doubted us (except a few experienced friends) lolHowever, you all chose us with extraordinary wisdom and observation. In the end, the facts proved that our business was reliable and h..
23 Nov About quality control pictures and video kickbulk sneaker service customer reviews Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Seafoam' CD0461-002
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 Regarding quality control, after your order is paid, you can request to send you quality control pictures or videos before shipping. If you are not satisfied with the goods, you can request a replacement, or cancel the order and refund. ..
08 Oct Regarding the extra cost in remote areas, share some short stories about kickbulk
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By default, we free shipping worldwide, using Fedex/DHL/UPS. However, if Fedex/DHL delineates your area as a remote area, they will charge an additional $40 fee. And this additional $40 fee, you need to pay for it yourself.When Fedex/DHL reports to us that your area is a remote area, we will usually..
08 Oct Speak with facts, our service is authentic and reliable,Share some short stories about kickbulk
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From the chat history, this friend contacted me 6 months ago. He is very smart and has his own set of methods. After 6 months of observation, he finally made up his mind to order 2 pairs from us. However, due to the unstable efficiency of DHL, their website sometimes did not update any logistics pro..
28 Sep The good quality and service get nice reviews from customer kickbulk sneaker reddit
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Quality and service are our pursuit, because in this multinational business, reputation is our way of survival. Without credibility, the work we do will be worthless. So, believe us, even if we make a mistake, it is an accident and we will change immediately!..
25 Sep Our free shipping express delivery service kickbulk sneaker customer reviews
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Sometimes we will try the services of different courier companies, we will choose between Fedex, DHL, UPS. However, the efficiency between them is also not stable, sometimes this one is fast, sometimes that one is fast. At the same time, we sometimes listen to the suggestions of express agencies and..
23 Sep Kickbulk best service for you my friends
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I'm very sorry, my partner made a mistake. His work was not good enough and the quality control was not perfect enough. He sent a pair of defective shoes. There is no reason, we must resend a pair to win the trust of our friends! Although this is a money-losing business...
24 Jul The service of Kickbulk Sneaker after-sale
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Sometimes luck is not good enough, and the package will be detained by the customs for various reasons. Our service purpose is to prevent the customer from suffering losses, so we resend a pair.Under normal circumstances, our courier companies provide free customs clearance for customers including E..
22 Jul About after-sales service of Kickbulk
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sometimes because of busy work, we will inevitably make mistakes in our work. Fortunately, high-quality customers and friends can always understand us, let us make some compensation to obtain forgiveness. ..
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