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We are a supplier of the sneakers, a global trading company, established in 2006. Committed to providing the latest, highest quality, best price footwear products worldwide, including: North America, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, etc.

We provide the latest and best sneakers directly from the factory.

No matter where you are from, please contact us:

The Service of KICKBULK

  1. Free Shipping WorldWide
  3. Best quality
  4. Best price

About Free Shipping & remote area

We deliver free shipping in most densely populated and economically prosperous areas in the world. Use DHL/Fedex/UPS, etc.
If DHL/Fedex/UPS considers your area to be a remote area, an additional charge will be charged and you need to pay for it yourself.
Usually an extra $40 is required. When the express company reports that additional charges are required, we will communicate with you. If you do not agree, you can request a refund and cancel the order.

About Payment,Please contact customer service to confirm:

  1. paypal  
  2. Bank Transfer √
  3. credit card 
  4. Bitcoin  

About the ways of parcel delivery:

  1. DHL
  2. UPS
  3. Fedex
  4. EMS

By default, DHL/UPS/Fedex is used, if some areas cannot be delivered, EMS may be selected.Whilst we endeavour to get it to you next day, it could be 5 - 10 days from order.Due to the delay in express delivery caused by COVID-19, it may sometimes take 2-3 weeks.

About the order process

After you place the order on this site, you need to complete the payment according to the payment method displayed on the web page after the order is placed, or the process indicated by the email received, and then the order will be process and ship to you.
If you do not complete the payment, the order will not take effect and we will not process the order.
If you don't fully understand, you can contact customer service for help.

About the tracking number

1)First of all, each order will have two tracking numbers. The first is given by the agent courier company, and you not possible to track logistics information online.
2)When the package is delivered to the courier company a few days later, usually about 3 days(sometimes it may take longer because of the different express routes selected). there will be a new tracking number. This tracking number will be able to track information online.

About  Returns:

If because of the quality of the goods, we support returns. If lost or deducted, we will resend or refund. We will not let you lose a penny.
If you are not satisfied with the received goods and need to return the goods.You need to contact customer service within one week after receiving the goods.But it is not due to the quality of the product and the return is required,you need to bear all courier fees.
If more than one week after receiving the goods, we will no longer accept the return request.
If you damage the product, or tear off the label of the product, or soil the product, or other behaviors that may affect the resale of the product, you will be refused return.

About Duty & Tax:

In most cases, our courier company will be responsible for customs clearance and delivery to your home. You do not need to pay any taxes. So, you only need to pay the price shown on our website.
In fact, only 1% of our customers in Europe are eventually required to pay taxes due to random inspections by customs, and 99% of customers pass customs smoothly.
Of course, if you are not lucky enough and are required to pay taxes, you need to deal with it yourself.

About some models:

We provide the sneakers of most models. If you can't find what you need in our store, please ask our customer service. We will try our best to meet your needs.

About the size of sneakers:
Except for yeezy, the sizes of others all are American standard sizes.
According to the official adidas standard size, Yeezy's size is .5-1 smaller than Jordan/Nike.

About quality control pictures:
If you need to confirm your goods, you can contact customer service IG:@kickbulk_vip or WhatsAPP:85251053285. Then she will take pictures of the goods for you before shipment.We provide a legit barcode and sku number with all yeezy 350 and Jordan 1.Some of our customers checked it ,and got passed in different ways.

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Kickbulk® official Sneaker Kicks Place
Kickbulk® official Sneaker Kicks Place
20 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui,HongKong

Please contact customer service before payment, whether you are a new or exists customer.