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02 Apr Air Jordan 4 Kickbulk customer reviews feedback photos
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Sometimes we make mistakes, such as missing a certain item in your package, if it is our responsibility, we will definitely take responsibility and resend the missing item.Received a group of customer feedback pictures, the latest release of NIKE SB X AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO 'PINE GREEN' is very popular..
03 Mar Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews,NIKE DUNK LOW SB 'LOS ANGELES DODGERS' 2022 DO9395-400
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Kickbulk Shoes customer reviews,worldwide free shipping!Inspired by the Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team, this NIke Dunk Low SB features colors and details from the storied franchise. The upper is constructed with a white leather base, with blue suede overlays and a blue textile Swoosh. The inside tong..
03 Mar NIKE DUNK LOW 'JACKIE ROBINSON' DV2122-400 kICKBULK Sneaker shoes customer reviews
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Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier on April 15, 1947, suiting up for the Brooklyn Dodgers. This Nike Dunk Low celebrates the 75th anniversary of this pivotal sports moment, decking out the retro silhoutte in an off-white base and royal blue overlays. Jackie Robinson details can be found..
02 Mar Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Onyx' HQ4540 2022 Kickbulk Sneaker shoes customer reviews
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The quality of Yeezy boost is perfect, and we have absolutely stable high-quality sources and cooperative factories. Also thanks to my friends for the beautiful photos, and a big thank you to all the friends who choose and trust us. ..
02 Mar AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO Kickbulk Sneaker shoes reviews
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My friend sent me some beautiful pictures, thank you very much! The photos he took were of high quality and a testament to our quality. ..
01 Mar Kickbulk Sneakers customer reviews JARRITOS X NIKE DUNK LOW SB 2023 FD0860-001
0 324
Thank you friends for your trust and support, this shoe has just been released, it is very beautiful and the quality is very good. ..
19 Feb Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews Air jordan 1 high university blue
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Yes, a new customer friend from Europe, he affirmed our products. Our goal is to win more and more friends who trust each other, so that our business will be more likely to succeed. ..
12 Feb Customer reviews of Kickbulk Sneakers,shoes retail wholesale free shipping
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My friend, sent me a message after receiving the shoes. Thanks to all the friends who are willing to share the joy with us, which will make us work harder.  ..
31 Jan Thanks for the trust and support from European friend,Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews
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Some customers and friends left a deep impression on us, so I always remember this friend from Europe. More than two years ago, he bought some shoes. Very happy that he patronized our business again...
27 Dec Christmas gifts from a husband and father,Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews
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A Christmas gift from my customer friend who is a husband and father to his wife and daughter. He bought shoes for his wife and shoes and KAWS DOLLS for his daughter. He sent me a group of beautiful photos, and left a message to share his happiness and joy. Bless him, he has a wonderful family! Als..
20 Dec Evaluation from a European customer friend,Kickbulk Sneake shoes retail wholesale free shipping
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The friend from Europe received his package two weeks after placing the order. We very much hope that all our friends can receive the package before Christmas. But we understand that this may not be possible due to the high volume of Christmas packages and couriers may not be able to fulfill all ta..
10 Dec AIR JORDAN 11 ADAPT 'WHITE' CHINA CHARGER DD3522-100 Kickbulk Sneaker shoes customer reviews
0 199
I am very grateful to this customer friend who sent me a series of beautiful photos after receiving the package. Kickbulk Sneaker thanks all our friends and welcomes you to continue to choose and patronize our business. ..
10 Dec Sharing a message from two customers who both had a great experience from kickbulk sneaker
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Thanks to these two customers and friends for sending me messages. Yes, our main IG page is often subject to official restrictions due to more activities and posts. This kind of thing happens every year. Because appealing wastes too much time, we will give up and re-apply for a page. Don't be surpr..
30 Nov Share two photos sent to us by customers about KICKBULK's customer service
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After my customer friend received the package, he sent me a photo and told me that the shoes he received fit him perfectly. we are very happy.A friend from Europe just asked me for the tracking number (he may not use the mail often, we sent an email to inform him of the tracking number), I told him..
15 Nov kickbulk customer reviews,sneakers shoes retail wholesale,worldwide frees shipping
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My friend sent me a long message after receiving his package. Thank you so much for his recognition of us! As well as his feedback questions and opinions, we will also take them very seriously. We always hope to provide better quality and service to our friends...
13 Nov Some customer reviews from Europe,Kickbulk Sneaker shoes retail free shipping
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Customer feedback is the source and motivation of our confidence. Sharing joy with friends is a wonderful process. Providing the best quality and service is our goal. Thanks to all the friends who trust us! ..
04 Nov Reviews from two customers of Kickbulk Sneaker,shoes retail wholesale free shipping
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The express delivery efficiency in the past two months is very high, especially FedEx, most of them only take 7-10 days to receive the package. Only a small number of packages still take about 2-3 weeks for various reasons that we are not aware of. DHL in Europe is also much better than it was in t..
25 Oct Some Great Photos,Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews,AIR JORDAN 4 RETRO 'MIDNIGHT NAVY' 2022 DH6927-140
0 335
Very shocked, a couple of really great pictures my friend sent to me over after receiving the package.Whether it's visual or clarity, it's far beyond my level of photography, LOLThanks to all my friends! ..
29 Sep Kickbulk Sneaker Customer reviews From Europe and North America
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Usually a new customer who visits us for the first time will be pleasantly surprised by our quality when he receives the package. Because our quality is what he expects, our quality is far better than other sellers.When they reordered for the second time, they rightfully expected the same quality. S..
13 Sep Photos shared by new customer, glad he affirmed our quality and service
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Photo shared by a new customer from Kickbulk, very happy to share his joy. When this new friend from North America received his first package, he emailed me specifically to affirm our quality and service.The trust of our friends is our reason for sticking to our principles. Thank you all my friends!..
08 Sep Several photos of feedback from Kickbulk's customers,kickbulk reviews service
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A couple of beautiful photos from a keen customer of Kickbulk. thank you very much! Kickbulk customer service welcomes all customers to interact with us at all times, whether before purchasing or after receiving a package. You can also message us if you don't have a plan to buy right now. We welcome..
30 Aug Received a review from a new customer yesterday,Kickbulk Sneaker shoes retail wholesale
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When we gain the trust of a new friend, it means that our business has grown a bit. Bringing the best quality and service to our friends is our code of conduct. Our ambition is to keep the business growing forever. So, we need more and more friends...
25 Aug Always the best service of Kickbulk Sneaker for my friends
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A friend from UAE asked us to send his order to one of his offshore warehouses, and we sent it according to his instructions. But he was eventually told that his shoes could not be delivered.He had to return the shoes to our warehouse and we re-shipped them to his home. Obviously, he was very happy ..
17 Aug Kickbulk Sneaker customer reviews,custom made Gucci shoes
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Some brands of shoes do not have a fixed inventory, so they are not updated to the list on our website. When you need them, you can ask our customer service, most of them can be customized. This usually takes about 1 week.After we get the customized shoes from the factory, we will take photos and vi..
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