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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to register an account by email. To track historical orders and packages.

We accept paypal and credit card payment.

All packages will send by DHL / UPS on a signed for delivery service.

It could be 3 - 8 days from order. Due to the delay in express delivery caused by COVID-19, it may sometimes take  10-15 days.

When something goes wrong with the product, we can return it.

 Why is the delivery information not updated?

Usually, each order will have two tracking numbers.

The first is the delivery certificate provided to us by the express agency, which cannot be checked online.

After 3 days (sometimes it may take longer), there will be a second tracking number provided by the corresponding courier company, which can track the logistics progress online.

Why does the DHL website show that we have not submitted the goods to them?

In fact, when the DHL website displays such information, we have already sent the goods a few days ago, or even a week ago. The possible reason is that the DHL shipping task is scheduled, and our package has not been planned yet, please wait patiently.

What payment method if I don’t have PayPal?

We also support bank remittances, but friends who may only have foreign trade experience may be proficient in using international remittances. Individual ordinary users may encounter some trouble in operation.

At the same time, we accept Bitcoin, if you have one.

In addition, we recommend that you sign up for PayPal, which usually only takes a few minutes.