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Frequently Asked Questions

After submitting the order, you can ask our customer service to provide our collection account number.
  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Zelle
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • USDT
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Aramex
  • EMS
  • SF Express
In more cases, we put safety first, based on customs and tariff issues, some customers in Europe and North America, we will choose a triangular transportation method with safety promises (it takes 2-3 weeks in total. The package looks like It is sent from Germany or the United States, sometimes you have to wait 2 weeks or more before you can track it).
If choose the triangular shipping method, you can almost 100% avoid paying high customs duties.
Based on the different policies of each country, if you are not lucky enough to be randomly checked by the customs and asked to pay customs duties, you need to deal with it yourself. If your package is seized by customs, we will resend a package and you will not suffer losses.

North America: Usually 7-12 days (FedEx / UPS)

Europe: 2-3 weeks (German DHL, sometimes about 10 days)

Middle East: 7-12 days (FedEx / Aramex)

Africa: 2-3 weeks (FedEx)

Australia/New Zealand: 7-12 days (FedEx / Aramex)

South America: 2-3 weeks (FedEx)

Japan, South Korea: 7-12 days (FedEx/Korea Post/EMS)

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Southeast Asia: 5-12 days (SF/Aramex/FedEx)

Russia: about 2 weeks (EMS)

In some areas, based on safety considerations, we will accept the suggestion of the express agency company and choose a safer express route (to avoid customs and tariff issues), which may require more time to wait (but usually not more than 1 month). For more complicated situations, please contact customer service for inquiries. We promise a 100% safe shopping experience.

After submitting the order,Please contact our customer service to request our Paypal account.
Once you pay us for your order via Paypal, we will confirm and process your order.

WhatsApp:  852 51053285

Email:  [email protected]

After submitting the order,visit Western Union Official Website:

Please contact our customer service or reply to our email to ask for a collection account.

After you complete the payment, please send a 10-digit MTCN provided by Western Union to our customer service, so that he can confirm and process your order for you.

After submitting the order,Please contact our customer service to request our Zelle account.
After you finish the payment, please send a screenshot to our customer service to confirm and process your order.

WhatsApp:  852 51053285

Email:  [email protected]

Exactly the same as the official one, you can ask the customer service to provide photos and videos before shipping.
Double Boxes:Outside the official original box, there is another carton to protect your package.

In the following cases (based on our principle of responsibility), we provide good sales service:

If we send the wrong size, or send the wrong product, or send the product with poor quality, you can contact our customer service, and we will provide compensation, refund, resend and other services.

If you have doubts about our quality, you can ask our customer service to take quality control videos and pictures for you before the package is sent out, if you are not satisfied with some products, you can ask us to replace it, even you can ask to cancel order and get a refund. However, if the package has already been sent, we do not accept refunds and returns that you request for subjective reasons.

For more questions, please contact our online customer service, we provide online customer service.

WhatsApp: 852 51053285

Email: [email protected]